Our Commercial Legal Protection policy provides comprehensive protection for businesses of all sizes. Cover can be offered alongside or automatically included within a business insurance policy through a broker or insurer scheme. Elements of the policy are as follows:

Employment Disputes and Compensation Awards

  • A dispute with an employee, ex-employee, prospective employee or alleged employee relating to a contract of employment or a breach of employment legislation.
  • Awards of compensation made against the policyholder at a court or tribunal or under a settlement agreed by us.

Defence of Legal Rights

  • Defence of an insured person’s legal rights prior to the issue of legal proceedings if suspected of committing a criminal offence.
  • Defence of a criminal prosecution against an insured person.
  • Defence of a civil action for compensation under the Data Protection legislation which directly applies in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Defence of a civil action taken against the policyholder relating to wrongful arrest following an accusation of theft.
  • Appeals against the imposition or terms of a Statutory Notice.
  • Appeals against the refusal of the Data Protection Commissioner to register the policyholder’s business.
  • Defence of a civil action taken against employees for unlawful discrimination or as trustee of the policyholder’s pension fund.

Protecting Your Property

  • Pursuing or defending a claim following a nuisance or a trespass.
  • Pursuit of a claim for damages following an event causing physical damage to the policyholder’s property.

Tax Investigations and Disputes

  • Representing the policyholder in a revenue audit by the Revenue Commissioner.
  • Representation in a dispute with the Revenue Commissioner or the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection regarding compliance with PAYE or Social Insurance Contributions Regulations.
  • Representation in a dispute with the Revenue Commissioner regarding a VAT audit.

Personal Injury

  • Pursuit of a personal injury claim on behalf of an insured person.

Jury Service & Witness Expenses

  • An insured person’s lost salary or wages whilst attending jury service or as a witness in a claim under the policy.

Statutory Licence Appeal

  • Appeals against the suspension, cancellation, alteration of a statutory licence or refusal to renew the statutory licence.

Contract Disputes

  • Pursuing or defending a legal action relating to a contract entered into by the policyholder for the purchase or sale of goods or services.

Recovery of Undisputed Debts

  • Recovery of a debt owed to the policyholder.

Commercial Legal Advice Helpline

  • Advice over the phone on any legal problem affecting the business under the laws of the Republic of Ireland, UK, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Counselling Helpline

  • Telephone counselling for employees on matters causing distress and anxiety.

Limit of Indemnity

  • The standard limit of indemnity is €150,000 per claim.
  • The annual aggregate limit for Employment Compensation Awards is €1,500,000.

Territorial limit

  • Cover applies throughout the Republic of Ireland. Certain covers also extend to EU member states and other specified countries in Europe.